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Piast Dynasty

Piast Dynasty
Second Republic
People's Poland
Third Republic
c. 850 Founding of Piast dynasty in the Polanian realm; Vislanian tribe within the sphere of the Great Moravian Empire
pre-963-992 Reign of Mieszko I, first historical ruler of Poland
966 Baptism of Mieszko 1: Introduction of Western Christianity
991 Dagome Iudex: oldest manuscript from Poland
992-1025 Reign of Boleslaw I Chrobry
997 Martyrdom of St. Wojciech (Adalbert)
1000 Congress of Gniezno: Founding of Polish See (independent church authority)
1025 Coronation of Boleslaw I, first King of Poland
1079 Execution of St. Stanislaw, Bishop of Krakow
1116 Chronicle of Gallus Anonimus, first history of Poland
1138 Testament of Boleslaw III Krzywousty: initiation of the `principate.'
1138-1295 Period of fragmentation of Piast realm
1180 Congress of Leczyca: ecclestiastical immunities granted
1220 Chronicle of Wincenty Kadlubek
1226 Installation of Teutonic Order in Prussia
1241 First Mongol Invasion: Battle of Legnica
1242 Incorporation of first Polish municipality, Wroclaw
1257 Incorporation of Cracow
1264 Statute of Jewish liberties at Kalisz
1295 Coronation of Przemysl II: Restoration of Polish kingdom
1300-1305 Union of Poland and Bohemia under Vaclav II
1306-1333 Reign of Wladyslaw II Lokietek
1308 Teutonic Knights capture Gdansk, crucial Baltic port in Vistula estuary
1320 Coronation of Lokietek
1333-1370 Reign of Kazimierz III (Casimir the Great)
1335 Cession of Silesia to Bohemia
1340 Polish Conquest of Red Ruthenia begins; onset of Poland's eastward expansion.
1364 Congress of Cracow. Foundation of the Krakow University.
1370-1385 Union of Poland and Hungary under Louis of Anjou
    1374 Statute of Kosice: noble immunities granted


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