Organizational structure


Dean of the Faculty
Associate Professor Ireneusz Świtała, Ph.D.

Jan Franczyk, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Katarzyna Plutecka, Ph.D.


Dean's Office

ul. Podchorążych 2, 30-084 Kraków

  • Head of Dean's Office: phone +48 12 662 61 06, room 141
  • Full-time studies: phone +48 12 662 61 10, room 139
  • Extramural studies: phone +48 12 662 61 07, +48 12 662 61 09, room 16, 138


The Faculty of Pedagogy is eligible to confer the following degrees:

  • Doctorate Degree in Social Sciences in the field of Pedagogy


About the Faculty

The Faculty of Pedagogy adapts its educational offer to current changes in educational practice. The graduates gain competencies that are part of the uniqueness of the teaching profession, the perception of the exceptional role of the special educator in the education system, and respond to the real needs of the labour market, as well as changes in the field of information technology. We strive to ensure that the image of the teacher is associated with such terms as: social prestige, mission, vocation, and social duty. By implementing educational standards, we work with local, regional and national communities, strengthen research infrastructures, modernize organizational structures, increase congressional language courses, conduct on-line lectures and seminars, and strive for the internationalization of research. The research focuses on multidimensional and interdisciplinary educational issues. One of the many innovative offers is the “Pro Futuro” Centre for the Support of People with Special Developmental and Educational Needs with the Use of Modern Technology. We cultivate the cardinal principle of the development strategy of the Pedagogical University – the principle of the unity of science, teaching and education.